Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Second thoughts about the Milley thing...I've heard enough...dude should either quit or be fired...


Yeah there are still parts of the internet that are hot and heavy behind Milley (as the above pic shows), but putting that aside I have issues with the dude that haven't settled with the passage of a little time.

Let's assume that HE WAS CORRECT and that the President was spiraling out of control.

* Dude had legal remedies to deal with this type situation.  A conversation with a Pentagon lawyer could have laid out what could be done in even this most extreme situation.

* Dude had the full attention of the Speaker of the House, Vice President, untold numbers of Senators/Congress members to guide him if things turned bad.

* He had the opportunity to resign if it was getting that bad.

The list goes on alot longer than I have time to type it.

The reality?

Milley damn near put us into a constitutional crisis because of his actions.  He sullied the position of CJCS and he brought everyone on the JCS into a terrible light.

Long story short.

He failed to assess the situation properly.  He made terrible decisions.

The reality?

Confidence in his ability to lead comes into question.  On that alone he should be fired for lack of confidence.

The serious shit?

I don't know if his actions crept toward the criminal but they sure seem to be dancing real close to the line if they didn't.

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