Thursday, October 14, 2021

That LtCol is facing a 5K monster ready to tear out his heart...the news update on his court martial is damning...

 That LtCol should have shut his mouth, took a beat to get his shit together, get up and carry the fuck on.

He didn't.

Now he has a raging 5K monster ready to tear his heart out...the monster's name is the UCMJ.

Just heard a quick rundown on his trial...

* made statement supporting the Jan 6 riot.

* was heard and posted saying that "it's time for a revolution"

* continued to post after being told not to

The list went on but that stood out in my mind.

LtCol meet huge green weeny.  Huge green weeny have fun with a silly LtCol.

Idiotic jokes aside.  It's to the point where (if I was active) I wouldn't dare post anything viewable to the public on social media. Hell I'd even be careful about what I let colleagues see, not to mention superiors.

It's a brave new world now.  Service members need to be careful, keep their mouths shut and not assume that everyone agrees with their matter what side of the spectrum they're on.

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