Friday, January 07, 2022

Biden admin weighs offering Russia cuts to U.S. troops in Eastern Europe

 via NBC News

The Biden administration is heading into next week’s talks with Russia still unsure whether Moscow is serious about negotiations, but if so U.S. officials are ready to propose discussions on scaling back U.S. and Russian troop deployments and military exercises in Eastern Europe, a current administration official and two former U.S. national security officials familiar with the planning told NBC News.

The discussions could potentially address the scope of military drills held by both powers, the number of U.S. troops stationed in the Baltic states and Poland, advance notice about the movement of forces, and Russia’s nuclear-capable Iskander missiles in the Russian territory of Kaliningrad between Poland and Lithuania, the sources said.

With tens of thousands of Russian troops massed on Ukraine’s border, the Biden administration is threatening unprecedented sanctions and other tough steps if Russia takes military action against Ukraine. But the administration is also exploring ways to defuse tensions with Russia as U.S. officials prepare for a series of high-stakes discussions with Moscow starting Monday. 


The US/NATO have been running so many exercises all over that continent that its almost like we've adopted an almost never ending war footing.

Scaling back the number of exercises would be a great way to put Combatant Commanders back in their cages (since no SecDef wants to do it) and would allow proper maintenance of gear and equipment instead of wearing out not only that but also our people.


At this point in time it would appear to be a major capitulation to the Russians.  This will have to be carefully crafted.

The other but is the national security class. 

They will scream and howl like no one's business.  Politically it'll also be used by many sides to push agendas.

Domestic spending doves will call for cuts in defense spending since we've reached/are reaching for better relations with Russia, the previously mentioned hawks will complain...and finally staunch allies that we NEED to support (I'm a big fan of the Polish military) will wonder WTF.

I hope they tread carefully.  Much opportunity here...much danger.

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