Monday, January 17, 2022

Reports are saying that the Rabbi engineered the escape from the Terrorist

 Watching a bit of news and it seems like the Rabbi engineered the escape from the Terrorist.

Additionally while the FBI originally said that the Jewish community wasn't targeted, they now saying that he was.

The UK angle is beyond troubling and I'm seeing us being more and more tied at the hip with a govt that I view is foreign to our own.  They don't have the same views on international affairs as we do and as fucked up as we are internally they seem to be worse.

Lastly, alot is being made of the terrorist getting a weapon.  Terrorists get weapons in GUN FREE countries.  The thought that he couldn't get one in the massive underground blackmarket that has sprung up because everyone wants luxury goods, drugs or any number of things cheap is stupid.

Of course he could get a weapon.

Take a walk on the wild side of town and you'd be surprised by what you can buy off the streets.  From guns, to cars, to little girls/boys for a few hours its there to be found if you want to buy it.

The truth hurts and there is alot of hurt out there.

One last last.  The FBI breached on a person that no longer had hostages?  Pretty cool for them.  That was just moving target practice at that point.

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