Friday, January 21, 2022

US - Russian negotiations don't appear to be going well...our guys body language is all wrong...

I am far from an expert in body language.  But I am a "people watcher" and can pick up on basic ques.

Our guys body language is all wrong.  I wish I could get the video of the handshake, but it goes a little like this.

The Russian is smiling, happy, doesn't appear flustered at all. He's as cool and cold and calculating as all the cold war military technothrillers made them out to be.

Our guy.  FUCK!  Our guy seems like a slick little lawyer that is dazed and confused on a big stage.  He appears to be withdrawn and sullen.

WATCH THE VIDEO (trust me it explains it better than I can) but he seems almost like a spoiled little boy.

The imagery seems all wrong to me.

I think I'm right and why I say that?  Even the news media says it wasn't a good day for our SecState.

Never thought I'd say it, but I think Hillary would have done a better job than this guy did.

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