Monday, January 24, 2022

Warning to my readers on the Ukraine crisis...

 Just a note of warning to my readers.

When you have as many troops, ships and aircraft operating in relatively close proximity to "threat" forces things can go sideways quick.

Think about it.

All it takes is one glory seeking Company Commander operating on the border to start a fire fight that could escalate.

One fighter pilot digging his fangs into the floor board of his jet and takes a seemingly provocative move by the threat to start a furball.

At sea all it takes is a navigation error mixed with bravado on one or both sides and we could see weapons free.

The moves by NATO nations are in response to Russian actions but they're still riddled with risk.

One mistake.  One hot head.  One person on either side having a really bad day or suffering an "oh shit" moment could kick this thing off in a way no one is expecting.

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