Saturday, January 08, 2022

We gotta give CTSO credit. They appeared to settle the Kazakhstan issue really quick...

 Forget the politics of this thing (I don't know them well enough to even comment...sorta like what's going on in Australia at the moment), we all have to agree that Russia/CTSO settled the issue in Kazakhstan really quick.

What has me spinning and leaders worldwide seem to be ignoring is how much unrest is being caused INSIDE THEIR OWN COUNTRIES for a wide variety of reasons...

* Covid responses...

* Economic issues...

* Inflation (I consider this separate from the economy for purposes of this list)

The list goes on with nation specific issues ahead.  In the US I can name at least 3 or 4 more national issues that can turn into flashpoints.

In my opinion the world globbed onto the Chinese solution to deal with Covid.

In my opinion the Chinese solution only works for China.  

But will western leadership glob onto the Russian solution for Kazakhstan to deal with future unrest.  I'm looking hard at Europe and Australia because despite the news in the US, we're seeing protests there about mandates and restrictions.

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