Wednesday, March 30, 2022

For the first time I'm seeing a bit of synergy in the Russian assault. Armor & infantry operating together in the assault on Mariupol...

At the top let me rewind back to the start of this war.

I have never believed that this was our fight.  I always thought that this war is a distraction from pressing problems that the USA has right here at the challenge of China...and in the confusion/friction we have within our own borders with regard to how this country moves forward.

Additionally I chafe at the idea that Russia is fighting this war in the same it would if it had been in the Middle East or Africa.  I contend that if the belligerents were dark skinned that the Russians would have bulldozed them if they had the temerity to try and block armored formations with protests.  I believe that anywhere else on the planet the Russians would have gone hardcore and clapped anyone with unmitigated gall to think that protesting against their advances would end in anything but broken/dead/burnt bodies.

The reaction to refugees has been telling.  If they were from any other area of the world they would have been blocked without question and MANY OF THE SAME PEOPLE here would have been cheering their leadership for keeping them out.

Also, while I stand alone in thinking that this war isn't ours to participate in (even using the Ukrainians as proxies), I believe that if this war was happening anywhere else in the world that MANY OF THE SAME PEOPLE that are my most vocal critics would suddenly switch sides and cheer me for having that view.

End of rant.

This is a bit of what I expected to see from Russian forces at the start.

It's just a short clip but finally we're seeing armor and infantry acting as one.

We don't know how the defenders of Mariupol are doing (with regard to resources and support) but I would imagine that the Ukrainian leadership are pivoting to meet what appears to be the main Russian effort.

Don't like my viewpoint?

I get it.  But I don't feel like I have a dog in this fight.  My main concern is the economic damage that is being done to the world economy due to the sanctions (YEAH I GET IT, you all believe that its necessary because of the Russian invasion) and to the American economy.  But be warned.  Just like we've seen from covid.  The cure MIGHT be worse than the disease (meaning the covid lockdowns to the damage done to the economy world wide vs the economic damage done to the world because of the sanctions).

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