Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Rumors are circulating online that the Texas school shooter WAS NOT wearing body armor...


The above is circulating hard on the "firearm" twitter verse.  Additionally I've noticed that talk of body armor has disappeared from the list of items he purchased just before the shooting (at least I haven't heard it...if I'm wrong PLEASE correct me).

Lastly, the issue of the actions of the school resource officer(s). The claim is that there were at least two (from other rumor mills) and in this tweet three officers present.

Really didn't want to wade into this thing full force but this has me curious.

Note.  I know that most commenters on this blog are quick to go with the view as presented by authorities. I just can't do that. I question everything.  Add this to the list of things you disagree with me about if you're like many city dwellers and think guns should be banned in the vain hope that it will save you from violence.

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