Sunday, May 22, 2022

The food crisis is coming...this is why the sanctions WILL NOT WORK!

Let's be real for a second.

Essentials are essentials.  

Food is an essential.  The embargo of Russian oil is NOTHING.  The real test won't come in Europe. The real test will come in the rest of the world when it comes to food.

Certain regions and countries are totally exposed to the export of grain from Ukraine/Russia.

I've read reports that Russian cargo ships are hauling out of Ukraine ENORMOUS supplies of wheat.  Furthermore those reports indicate that backdoor communications are being made with Turkey to seize those ships.

Put that aside for a moment.

Russian power won't come in the form of its petro economy.  Russia's real power will rest in its agricultural economy. 

I've shouted that the State Dept and others should be working overtime to shut this thing down.

No one is listening.

They will soon.  The fuel crisis is real.  The economic pain worldwide is real.  The elite have so far been successful in distracting the masses.  This won't last forever.

When empty store shelves become commonplace in the US for basic food items then you'll see a howl from hell demanding action.

When that happens the US military won't be able to make a few flights to Europe to pick up items that should have been allowed entry into the US anyway.

When that happens someone will have to decide if ANOTHER war is worth it or is it better to use some old fashioned diplomacy to solve the crisis.

One thing is certain.  We're seeing the failure of worldwide institutions.  From the US, to the EU, to the UN, all we're seeing is failure.

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