Sunday, May 22, 2022

The war in Ukraine. What I'm seeing from my chair so far...

 Let's compare notes on what we're seeing in Ukraine so far.  I would ask the SMALL segment of readers that aren't so ate up with the propaganda around this thing to comment.  The usual suspects will of course enter the comments section and shout the narrative pushed by the mainstream but that doesn't interest me.

I wanna take a look at the good, bad, ugly and unexplainable.  I'll go first.

*  Looking back at the start of this thing I can't help but wonder WTF the Russians were thinking.  I have to believe it was a complete and total intel failure.  They entered the country unannounced (despite warning from the US), received little resistance and made a massive march on Kyiv.

Zelensky was visibly in shock.  The Ukrainian Army was in garrison and we saw no attempts at a decapitation strike.  No assaults on the Ukrainian Army in garrison.  No attempt to destroy clearly identified airfields.  NOTHING!  

*  The designation of this thing as a special military operation belies that initial failure.  The Russians lost the info war almost immediately.  The civilian population rallied instead of being cowed.  You actually had snow bunnies driving SUVs and sports car alongside armored vehicles throwing molotov cocktails.  Crowds of civilians "protesting" the military action and stopping convoys on their way to the objective.

*  Zelensky properly read the room.  Washington and London saw an opportunity.  Age old anger from Poland to Estonia reared its head.  Zelensky barked and made demands.  Suddenly the War Reserves in the West were emptied for the sake of Ukraine.

Even better?  A country that was known for its corruption, has sold all kinds of gear and made deals with what is supposed to be our mortal enemy was being flooded with aid of all kinds.  Not just military but financial.

*The govt/private partnership was in full effect.  Not to solve a social/economic problem in the US, but to ensure that the "proper messaging" was put forward.  Social media ensured that any dissenting views were quickly squashed.  Only the threat of Elon Musk finally bringing real free speech shined a light on the issue so bright that it could no longer be a thing ended the madness.

The fight in Ukraine has been talked about as a fight for democracy.  It's NEVER THAT SIMPLE!  Unfortunately the sheeple bought it hook line and sinker.

*  On the military side (even I'm guilty) we've seen the supposed doom of the tank.  What's being missed is that the Russians, surprisingly, did not fight as real COMBINED ARMS TEAMS!  They failed to properly utilize their resources and its shown up on the loss ledger.

What I find amazing is that the future of the attack/assault helicopter isn't being brought into question.

We've seen the failure of individual weapon systems but we have not seen them properly utilized.  

We're in the interwar period between WW1 and WW2.  Technological advances are coming so hard and fast that we can't gleam a thing from this weirdly fought war.

*  The Ukrainians are getting all the glory for the fighting.  What's obvious but ignored for the sake of visuals is that they're getting massive support.  Not only for targeting but also in planning.  NOTHING I"VE BEEN ABLE TO READ indicates that the Ukrainians have the martial chops to be performing this well on their own.

I'm sure there is plenty more but this is off the top of my head and I have to get my protein in.  Hit me with some stuff I've missed.

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