Thursday, May 26, 2022

This is America. It happened in Texas. Law Enforcement EVERYWHERE is trained to go in!

 I've read some of the comments about Law Enforcement not "being paid" to get shot at.


But we're talking about a school.  We're talking about an active shooter.

Law Enforcement is trained on this scenario.

This is America.  It happened in Texas.  Law Enforcement EVERYWHERE is trained to go in!

To be blunt.

I don't care how any other nation would handle this.  Its irrelevant. Its an issue for that nation to deal with.

But in the United States the expectation...THE JOB is to go in.

Sidenote.  I personally consider all this an ANTICIPATED blowback from the covid lockdowns, the terrible economy, and a broken society.  The police are in a terrible place.  On one hand you can't go hard because you might violate dept policy and end up jail. On the other hand YOU HAD BETTER go hard because lives are on the line.  Our legislators are failing us and our broken morality is betraying us.  This nation is broken. If we don't turn to riky tik quick to fix ourselves then the empire will undoubtedly fall.

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