Wednesday, June 29, 2022

NATO declares the Russian Federation as the "most significant and direct threat" to the bloc.....and just like that we lost the Pacific...

The US has just lost the Pacific.

Think about it.  Historically the US has always leaned more toward Europe than to the Pacific.  Now you have this new NATO commitment right in the middle of us turning toward our "pacing threat".

Airpower is being sent to Europe.  Naval power.  More ground forces.

The more we strengthen Europe, the weaker we become in the Pacific.

The difference this time is that the industrial might lies in China, not in the US and if you've noticed our latest moves we appear to have given so much that the shelves are now bare.

Its so bad that Congress is requesting updates on the restocking of our munitions!

If I was the leader of China I'd wait till around Jan 2023.  I'd make sure the Russians stay in the fight and I'd give them anything they needed to keep going.

I'd let the recession hit full force in the West.  Let a little turmoil erupt in the Middle East and Africa.

Then early in 2023 I'd make my move on Taiwan.

Biden will be more unpopular than ever.  Republicans will own Congress and the Red vs Blue state drama will be bigger than ever.

Christmas will be over and everyone will be in a funk because of continued inflation, the recession, high energy prices, shortages of damn near everything and the citizens of the US/EU will be pissed.

That's when you move against Taiwan.

We'll be too divided to unite to fight.  The US military will be strung out from here to Egypt and back again....

They might win without having to fire a shot at an American.

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