Sunday, July 31, 2022

Chinese PLA Tri-Motor UAV operating in Japan's ADIZ...carrying what looks to be anti-ship missiles

Interesting. So let me get this straight. A Light Amphibious Warship will utilize stealth to avoid detection while transporting Marines ashore...then the Stand-In-Force will use stealth while avoiding detection by these same drones while setting up Forward Bases?

Sounds good on paper but between Chinese spies, locals working for the Chinese and with the persistent observation that they're establishing I'm not sure it'll work so good in person.

The Marine Corps is wedded to the Defense Battalion/Missile Marine Concept.  

I've tried to tell them better.  Marines more accomplished than myself have tried to tell them


Let them reap what they're sowing.  I'm done.  Let the bodies hit the floor.

Looking at Chinese capabilities this plan is batshit stupid on a shit covered stick.

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