Sunday, July 03, 2022

It has begun! Libyans burn down Parliament over living conditions


Remember all the unrest I've predicting in the Middle East/Africa due to the sanctions?

This looks to me like it's begun.

Strap in folks.  The protests by the Dutch farmers, this action in Libya, all the distractions we're seeing in the US to keep the public's attention off skyrocketing prices, the Germans buying wood stoves to stay warm this winter, stock markets all over the world in trouble....

That's just the tip of this huge iceberg.

Add to all of the above the long overdue correction that we should have seen in our markets (no way in HELL any company can post double digit earnings year after year without shenanigans) and you're gonna see a damn near complete shut down in discretionary purchases with the added friction of people being pissed off beyond belief.

The 2020's are gonna make the 60's & 70's look like quiet times in the world.

I say again.  Cooler heads must prevail.  We need wisdom from our leaders , not doing the same idiotic thing over and over again hoping this time it works.

They won't but I wish they would.  Till we get new people in office we're screwed.

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