Saturday, July 30, 2022

Your move China. Pelosi on her way to Taiwan!

Oooh. I wonder if that jet has chaff dispenser, dazzlers and all the other stuff that smash on executive jets to keep dignitaries safe. I'd bet its enhanced though. China was a bit boisterous in stating their displeasure. Of course the icing on the cake would be if the Navy/Air Force dispatched fighters to escort her in. This was a huge mistake though. China has to follow thru or the natives will be restless. I can't remember another time where China has painted themselves into a corner.

I'm rambling but has anyone considered that the Chinese might have moved up their timetable to confront the US?

Could this be part of their calculation?

Think about it.  Outside of the UK with a token force of an aircraft carrier and a Destroyer what else could they send?  What would the rest of NATO (assuming they would have gone anyway)?

The USMC is changing its entire reason for being to "support the fleet".  What if the Chinese ran some wargames and believe that they can win?

Is a fight what they actually want?  Sure seems like it.  If Nancy doesn't go then they win and they've demoralized the US public. If Nancy goes then they have an excuse for war and can credibly say they warned the US ahead of time so they were provoked!

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