Wednesday, August 10, 2022

87K new IRS Agents? My conspiracy theory? It's not about's about gun seizures!

Republicans are focused on this as being a bid to catch more tax cheats. They're wrong. You don't need armed agents to grab tax cheats. If anything you'd hire more computer programmers. Accountants. Lawyers. Hell even more analysts. But armed agents? This many? I believe its about gun seizures. Remember all those guys shouting "come and get them"? Others were asking who the govt was gonna get to do the deed? Well they can't plus up the ATF. That would be a dead giveaway and Congress would be forced to react. But the IRS? That's just perfect. I could be wrong but like I said. You don't need this many armed agents to do tax collection. Uh you do know that's bigger than a fully staffed Marine Expeditionary Force (legacy...don't know how big the retooled force is gonna be). It's bigger than a US Army Corps! Whatever the real deal is one thing is certain. The US govt just added a helluva number of forces to its domestic security force.

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