Thursday, August 04, 2022

China could invade Taiwan before the 2024 US presidential election: sources!!!!

 via Fox News

China could invade Taiwan within the next 18 months, current and former officials familiar with U.S. and allied intelligence told Fox News, suggesting a particularly "dangerous" window between the meeting of the National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party this November and the next U.S. presidential election in 2024.

Two former senior officials told Fox News that the intelligence suggests China sees the potential opportunity for an amphibious assault and military invasion of Taiwan in that time frame.

"We have always had and always been aware that China has an ever-present, ever-evolving plan for an amphibious assault and military invasion of Taiwan. If they are not successful in reunifying politically, then they will do so with force," one former senior intelligence official familiar with U.S. intelligence, and who has discussed intelligence belonging to a U.S. ally in the Indo-Pacific, told Fox News. 


I wonder what our war stocks look like!  Have you noticed that the cries for more weapons by Ukraine has suddenly vanished?

I swear to God if I didn't know better I'd think all this would be scripted!

If China invades Taiwan they become a pariah nation.  They lose their markets in the West.  They basically become the new USSR in the East and all bets are off with future cooperation.

I didn't think they'd be stupid enough to raise the stakes of Pelosi's visit so high.  They left the US with no other choice. They basically forced her to visit Taiwan with their rhetoric!

That is unlike them.

IF they invade Taiwan then we need to look at other stresses.

Is the financial crisis so bad in China that they're looking for foreign adventure to boost patriotism and clamp down on debate?

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