Wednesday, August 17, 2022

I've gone thru this with a parent. This man is NOT well.. (UPDATE)

I've gone thru this with a parent and its a fucking kick in the goddamn nuts. It is painful.

I don't know what "stage" he's in but it should be apparent to all that this man is not well.

The sorry, useless, pathetic, cock sucking bastards that are still rolling him out to serve as the puppet for their pet projects will hopefully roast in hell.

I can't imagine how his family must feel (assuming they actually care for the dude at all).  

If they actually do care then they should let him enjoy the few years (hopefully) of lucid life he has left.  He should be home enjoying the sunshine, playing with his grandkids etc...


He's being used as a mouthpiece/puppet so those with an agenda can push it thru.

Just plain sad.

Hell is probably too good for those folks.

UPDATE:  Some of you people are just plain pathetic.  Everything is viewed thru a political lens.  This ain't about politics.  Its about this guys health and whether or not he's capable of serving as President.  I've seen more than enough to state that he clearly isn't.  You have too but many are too jaded and politically motivated to simply state the obvious.  You also need to rot in hell.  This disease ain't a joke.

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