Tuesday, August 09, 2022

JS IZUMO conducted a Japan-Mexico goodwill exercise with the ARM BENITO JUAREZ and ARM USUMACINTA in vicinity of Hawaii.

Note. I keep talking about how the MEU should have been reinforced. Adding HIMARS with anti-ship missiles would have allowed this concept to go forward without totally ripping apart the Marine Corps. YA KNOW! The way the US Army is doing to flex into the Pacific!!! A modern day LST (which you see sailing for the Mexican Navy) would have been perfect. Pump the MEU up to four ships, have the modern day LST capable of breaking off to make runs to the beach to deposit these "Missile Marines" (still don't know why we just don't setup robots to fire missiles on command at these proposed launch sites and monitor from distance to make sure they're not tampered with) and have them do the recon/counter recon thing (launch and die) as currently planned but still being able to handle the traditional missions. But alas. It's not to be. Aviation centric is the way forward but no one noticed that rotary winged aircraft are extremely vulnerable if the Ukraine/Russia war is an example.

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