Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Let me stir the pot and piss you off. Ukraine is only staying in the fight because of foreign aid & provided ISR...otherwise they'd be done!

Let me get this out the way first.

I don't believe that the fighting in Ukraine has ANY bearing on future fights.

Additionally I don't have a dawg in this fight and believe that no matter who "wins" that country is gonna be dog meat for the next two decades AT LEAST.

Having said that Ukraine is only in this fight because of foreign aid & provided ISR.

If it wasn't for that then this war would have been over long ago.

I can't help but imagine that we have military advisors on secure communications with Kyiv on an HOURLY basis.

In short.  If its true and the Russians do get augmented with Iranian drones then you will see more Ukrainian artillery taken out of the fight.  More of those small infantry units being found, fixed and destroyed.

That is the weakness with the Russian way of war ... they didn't properly account for how quickly they'd run out of UAVs.

But that's my opinion.

As far as how I see this war at this time?  Ukraine is trying to hold every piece of ground.  Russia is pushing, probing and attacking just to keep them on their toes.

Russia is waiting for winter.

When the snow hits the ground is when this thing goes from being static to quite active.

Watch my words.  This thing is gonna get hotter real soon.

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