Thursday, September 22, 2022

I fully expect a more savage fight ahead.

 I've been tooling around the internet taking in all the views of the recent Russian mobilization.

Most have focused on the reports of forced conscription, soldiers being drunk while waiting to deploy and other stories that depict this in a bad way.

I won't even touch on how a mobilization of Western age fighting men would go.  There would be protests and riots all across the Western world.

I will touch on the fight I think is coming up.

I do believe Washington believes the Kremlin when they say that they will go nuclear.  I'm not sure if they have contingency plans ready to go if they do.

But if the allies are able to keep the Ukrainians on a leash and have them push to only recover the lands lost since Feb then I believe we'll still have a problem (oh and make no mistake...the Ukrainians will keep the conflict going because they want that land part 3 will happen).

The Russians know that the new forces are substandard (by their standards!).  They know that their infantry and mech forces will be dog meat to battle hardened Ukrainian infantry.

So this will turn into a more brutal artillery war.

I expect missiles and artillery rounds to be flying hard and heavy. The somewhat limited bombardment of Ukrainian cities will be replaced with full on blasts that will shock the Western world.

I believe that its switched on for Putin and Russian intelligence. 

The Ukrainians are gonna fight and not welcome them as liberators.

What does that mean?

I believe the Russians are gonna get medieval on them.

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