Tuesday, November 29, 2022

China has more J-20's than we have F-22's?

This is concerning.

If I recall correctly the F-22 is slated to phase out in the middle or end of the 2030's (if not sooner...not sure).

The F-35 is set for an EXPENSIVE, INTENSIVE, and COSTLY upgrade to give us what was promised 15 years ago.

This also doesn't include the lightweight portion of China's fighter fleet which is waiting in the wings to go into production, not to mention the legacy fighters they already have.

My question.

Have we reached a stalemate with regard to airpower?  Even if we haven't, we KNOW that China has REGIONAL superiority because the US military is strung out all over the planet REASSURING ALLIES that should be doing it for themselves.

We are in a hurtlocker.

Even if we were able to afford a MASSIVE increase in defense spending (and we can't), then we would have issues in getting enough people in uniform to MAN the equipment (notice I didn't say equip the man...those days are over).

Our only way out of this mess is to push AI/wingman concept and do it poste haste.

If we don't then we've already lost the air war.

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