Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Out of all the ways they're trying to use drones, this is the most concerning...

Unmanned vehicles and aircraft to transport casualties? I find that concerning. Even if they're stabalized, you can have something go wrong and they're in the middle of a long range transport? Seems kinda heartless to me. I don't know but it really rubs me wrong. Let me give you an example. The Marine Corps could refurbish AAVs and make them unmanned CASEVAC vehicles. You could stack 8 maybe 10 stretchers in one? But I contend that you should still send a Corpsman with them. I would like to see this drone used for rescue of aircrew at sea (but that would only work with fighters). How you're gonna handle a '53 or '130 with a shit load of Marines going down in the ocean is still beyond me (unless we get off our ass and dedicate a Navy squadron with the Japanese seaplane as long range rescue) but while it has applications, I just feel uneasy about the above concept.

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