Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Weapons shortages spark tough choices for Ukraine’s allies via Defense News

 via DN

“When you are continuing to give away ammunition to Ukraine and you have to evaluate and assess the risk you take for your own readiness, you will have to take into account the threat,” the chairman of NATO’s military committee, Adm. Rob Bauer, said at the Halifax International Security Forum this weekend.

The strain on stockpiles is “across the board,” and particularly sharp for ammunition, he said. In the years before some countries donated to Ukraine, they maintained stockpiles at half capacity or less because they saw little risk or couldn’t afford more, and took a “just-in-time, just-enough,” approach to the defense industry.


I've been posting variations of this story (as it hits the mainstream news media) since around August.

The refrain has been the same.  It's worth it because we're weakening Russia.

Ok, but the flip side of all this is that we're weakening ourselves.

You might not like the news (looking at my German readers when I post news about how they're gonna suffer this winter...and that's coming from their own officials!), but the facts remain.

Our over the top support of Ukraine is making us vulnerable against REAL threats to OUR national security/survival.

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