Saturday, January 21, 2023

Chinook helicopters could cost Germany twice as much as planned

via Reuters
 Germany's planned purchase of 60 Chinook heavy-lift helicopters manufactured by Boeing (BA.N) to replace its ageing CH-53 fleet could cost twice as much as planned, Business Insider reported on Thursday, citing several government and industry sources.

Six billion euros ($6.47 billion) had been budgeted for the helicopters, but the U.S. Army has signalled to Germany that the desired equipment is cost-intensive as some components have not even been fully developed, the German news outlet said.


So the Germans are gonna pay for the US Army's upgrades?

Fucking fantastic!

The Germans are taking a pounding.  They're (in my opinion) trying their best to preserve a bit of European independence, while at the same time pleasing their fellow nations in a jacked up war and trying to get their military upgraded while Boeing and the US Army hustle the hell outta them.

Just plain wow.  Sucks to be them.

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