Friday, January 20, 2023

Everyone wants Leopard MBTs for Ukraine but they're not gonna be 2A7s...they're gonna be 2A4 or 2A5s. Kurds were popping the turrets off those in Syria...

The Turks have already experienced the bad that comes with the Leopard MBT (2A5 version?). Modern anti-tank weapons pop the turrets, maybe as bad as the turrets on Russian vehicles were popped. Send Leopards to Ukraine and that tank is dead as formidable battle beast for the rest of eternity.

Everyone that builds armor built it with a bias toward one side of the iron triangle.  Either biased toward armor or mobility (most commonly because firepower is basically standardized now), that how things are measured.

The Brits were biased heavily towards the armor side and the Challenger was able to take an absolutely CRAZY amount of hits and keep its crew safe.

We Americans tried to balance it out and I personally believe that the Abrams is the best balance of all factors.

Onto the Leopard.  The Leopard is maneuver warfare excellence. Its almost beyond reason, but that agility comes with a price and that price is its not a heavily armored beast like the other two in this comparison.

If Germany sends Leopards then it will be a public relations disaster.

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