Sunday, January 29, 2023

Hmmm. Whose work is this? The CIA to prevent arms to Russia or Mossad to kick a regional foe? UPDATE! It was Mossad...

Wow. So now we're setting the stage for a "BABY" World War? If Israel strikes Iran for building nukes, the US will side with them...Russia will have to side with Iran...What China does will be INTERESTING. Can you imagine? A regional war in Europe, a regional war in the Middle East? Taiwan will be WIDE OPEN! Our stockpiles will be depleted and our forces stretched thin. Once we were locked in on two major wars. Then it was one major war along with a regional war. Now? Not sure but if its more than two regional or one major I'd be surprised. Sorry folks but I don't believe the current force can handle the pressure of two regional and one major war at this time.

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