Friday, January 20, 2023

Notice that we've gotten almost NO reporting on the fighting in Ukraine? Now Zelensky calls for F-16s and longer ranged missiles. Things must be going sideways...

Not many might be paying attention but the last we heard of the fighting in Ukraine, WAGNER Mercs had taken a city, the Ukrainians denied and then everything went silent. Next we see a sudden influx of new arms packages. The US is sending Bradleys, Strykers, Avengers, more MLRS etc...the Germans Marders, and the rest of the allies chipping in big time too.

We don't have any visibility on the fighting but things must be going sideways for the Ukrainians.

Unfortunately a majority of the readers on this blog have been trained by the MSM to automatically discount Russian sources of information but I can state two things because I DO MONITOR there sites.

1.  The Russians are advancing...not fast, not in a blitzkrieg/Thunder Run fashion but they are advancing.

2.  They're getting ready to launch a big offensive.

Why do I say all this?

Because things are about to get spicy in Ukraine.  We've seen the combat pause (such as it is) but now we're about to see things dramatically heat up.

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