Sunday, January 29, 2023

OK. Here we go. Explosions are reported at the headquarters of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in Iran.

Who are the shot callers that are bound and determined to plunge the entire fucking world into a world war? I can KINDA understand striking at the weapon facilities to make a run at the IRGC? You're begging for terrorist attacks in the US and most especially in Europe and Israel. As a matter of fact I can see an Intifada declared in Palestine and for another dust up to happen there.

I had an old skool SgtMaj tell me one time that he knew when wars were coming (for the most part).  Anytime things got shaky on the economic or political front he started to do enhanced preps.

If you know a servicemember then tell them to start doing enhanced preps.  Don't know what it is but something outside Ukraine is gonna kick off this year.

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