Tuesday, January 24, 2023

So much I don't know about "radar cross section"

So so so much I don't know about this.  But it's said that the beginning of wisdom is knowing how much you don't know, right?

Anyway if you follow the Tweet many readers were wondering about the radar cross sections of other aircraft...from Predator UAVs to B-1s and others.

I'm kinda wondering about the new super UAVs like the one Turkey is producing and especially the one that the Aussies are working on.

One thing occurs to me though.

Ukraine is showing one thing that most air power experts refuse to come to grips with.

We talk about how "the tank is dead".  How missile artillery is now the new king, but no one is talking about the absolute pounding that airpower on both sides took and how it quickly disappeared from the battlefield.

Unmanned high performance fighters and even bombers almost have to be the future of peer conflict.

We just can't make enough pilots to last even a relatively short duration war.

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