Friday, February 03, 2023

The hysteria about this Chinese balloon is almost comical....this is about super powers playing games...

US citizens better get used to the super power games that are soon to be coming our way. This balloon is just the first installment.

And ya know what?

Compared to what we've been doing for the past few years this balloon is COMICAL!

We have a dedicated spy plane (X-37) that changes orbit, is hard to reach, is supposedly maneuverable in space and has been unchallenged (or so I believe...haven't read otherwise) that we also can assume has been flying with impunity over China.

You don't think China doesn't have anti-sat weapons?


So will I get upset over a freaking balloon?  Nope.  

I don't trust the Pentagon or the service chiefs one bit...BUT I DO THINK that they've taken measures to ensure that it isn't carrying any kind of hostile payload so the danger is miniscule.

Super power games means a willingness to play chess not checkers.

Sometimes you have to save your knight to take out a worthy target and not a pawn.

This balloon doesn't rise to the level of a worthy target.

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