Thursday, March 16, 2023

An unpopular opinion on the US Drone vs Russian Fighter incident...

Before I get started let me warn you. I'm gonna piss many of you off, so saddle up and get ready to punch walls!

First.  This incident is mild.  We've seen worse.  You and I know both know about the Chinese knocking down one of our P-3s and recovering all types of info from it when they made an emergency landing on one of their islands.

This is just big boy action.

Second.  You know and I know that MQ-9 was conducting an intel/recon mission on Crimea.  The Ukrainians are getting targeting information from the US and NATO and we all know that this flight was just part of that.

You keep losing aircraft on your airfield with precision strikes and I can guarantee if you were commanding the air defense of that region then you'd push out any aircraft that got close.

What I can't figure is why the Russians haven't declared an exclusion zone around Crimea.

I don't know the legal steps to do so but with an active war going on they could easily declare any military aircraft flying with 200miles will be targeted.

Not at ALL up to speed on the "Law of War" but I believe that would cleanse any activity like this.

Long story short?

It ain't nothing to get excited about.

As a matter of fact the knock down of the MQ-9 is fairly standard. What was wild is the Chinese flying a balloon over the US and it making it all the way across our country before we took action, but this shit?

Kids stuff.

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