Wednesday, March 15, 2023

And just like that all the money Saudi Arabia pledged to Ukraine just vanished...


Don't know if this is real or a psyops campaign but its brilliant.

Everyone in the Western World seems to believe that Ukraine is universally supported.  That is far from true.

In the Middle East, when this goes viral and it will, what support there is will collapse.

If Saudi Arabia moves ahead with money to Ukraine, the citizens will go crazy.  The last thing the Kingdom needs are the peasants running wild in the street...especially over desecration of their holy book.

Note.  I'm saying that this was a carefully crafted psyops play because Grunts don't operate this way.  They'd piss on it, take a shit on it but use it as a cutting board?  Naw.  That wouldn't be the play for people involved in a fight against what they consider to be Muslim extremist.  Trust me on this one.

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