Friday, March 17, 2023

Exclusion Zones are real...think back to the Falklands War!

 via Wikipedia...

On 30 April, the Task Force imposed a 200-mile Total Exclusion Zone around the Falklands, prohibiting all aircraft and ships from any country from entering. British special forces, the Royal Air Force and Fleet Air Arm attacked Argentinian ships and defences.

Exclusions are rather rare today but they've been used during times of war for a long long time.

In an earlier post I wondered aloud (much to the annoyance of my readers) why the Russians didn't just setup an exclusion zone around the Crimea and be done with it.

I mean everyone and their mother knows that the US is running intel flights to gather targeting data for the Ukrainians.  Additionally its obvious from the actions of the SU pilots that their leadership is a bit beyond annoyed by it.

An exclusion zone would be a simple fix that even this blogger could think of so why aren't they doing it?


Because this is the most jacked up war I've ever seen.  There are no lessons learned from this one.  This is a complete clusterfuck that would be funny as hell except that so many are dying and the destruction is beyond imagining.

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