Saturday, March 25, 2023

Just a little mudballing here...Are we ready for multiple crisis? Can we handle the current war, a flareup in the Middle East, a renewed insurgency in Africa & China menacing Taiwan at the same time?

 It just occurred to me that it will be EASY to stress test the US military to see how it could handle multiple crisis in different parts of the world.

The worst part is that I think we're seeing the baby steps of China/Russia doing just that.

Think about it.

Assad just visited UAE and talks are taking place to re-establish ties between Syria and Saudi Arabia.

Russia/Ukraine war continues unabated and the only legit peace plan (put forward by the Chinese) was rejected before Washington even read it.

African countries across that continent are pushing back against the LGBTQ agenda and perhaps more importantly they're beginning to fight against some of the economic policies being pushed by Europe and the US.

China continues to flex against Taiwan's defenses.

Could we handle a big fight between Israel vs Iran with Hezbollah joining in while at the same time defending our forces in Syria against attacks from Iranian proxies, Syrian Forces and at times even Turkish military?

While all that's going on the Russians launch a massive new offensive?  Add to the above an insurgency against say...Kenya kicks off at fever pitch?

We're gonna run out of forces fast.

SOCOM is gonna be hip deep in all that.  An Army Division will be deployed to Europe to "reassure" our allies, you'll probably need to put another light infantry division ready to help in Africa and I don't even know what you would do with the issue in the Middle East and Pacific.

Oh and you're gonna probably put an Expeditionary Air Wing over each of those divisions at least!

This probably doesn't make sense to any of you and I can't explain it better right now but for those that do get what I'm trying to put down what do you think?

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