Sunday, March 05, 2023

Not NATO equipment, that's American Army gear arriving in Europe.


Thanks to the stance that the elites are taking with Ukraine, we're going to have to fund a two major war force. 

The US Army is gonna be busy. 

 A couple of divisions are definitely on track to head to Europe, to "reassure" fucking nations that can defend themselves if they got off their sorry asses and a division, probably the multi-domain construct they're building, to hold the line and do amphibious assaults in the Pacific (since the Marine Corps is out of the amphibious assault/force in readiness business).

If this is where we're going and by all appearances it is, then a case can be made that the Army needs additional funding, the Navy needs additional funding (the fight against China is an air and sea war right), the Air Force probably needs to stand pat which means that its time to slice and dice the Marines since it only acts as a recon/counter recon force and we can get that from drones.

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