Thursday, March 23, 2023

Remember the "Sir who am I" article? That was the beginning of the purge!

 via War On The Rocks

After identifying this comprehensive vision of what marines of the future will be and do, publish an authoritative strategy outlining this multi-layered identity with explicit prioritization and an implementation plan. Staff this amongst your general officers, senior executive service members, and key colonel-level combat developers, listen to their feedback, and assess their willingness to implement it. Then retire those who will refuse to say “aye aye, sir” and execute your vision. Our nation does not have the time for half-hearted incrementalism or the frozen middle. Please don’t put us through another Marine Corps Force 2025 where we tried to decide how we should organize, train, and equip without a clear identity. With the strategic guidance now available from our civilian leadership, which was not published in 2016 when Marine Corps Force 2025 began, a clear identity is now possible and represents a once-in-a-century chance to re-invent the Marine Corps.



I didn't realize what I was reading way back then.  This guy not only laid the groundwork for the rollout of FD2030 but he made the call to prayer.

This dude is an insurgent.

A true believer.

He will not be denied and he will stroll into the depths of hell to see this implemented.

I'm sure his faith has been rewarded and I'm sure he's been promoted.

The Chowder Society thinks they're up against a misguided concept.

They're wrong.

Those that support FD2030 are damn near religious zealots. They can't be reasoned with and the only way they will alter course is when they see the bodies being stuffed into bags.

The Marine Corps is fucked.  A small group has decided to change it forever.

God help us all.

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