Saturday, March 11, 2023

SAAB & Hagglund to increase production dramatically

Thanks to Domas for the link!

A production increase of this magnitude seems aspirational at best and not at all based in reality.

The supply chain will not support it.


Is anyone paying attention to the bank failure?  The layoffs in the tech sector?

The US economy is being held together by 100mph tape and that tape ain't what it used to be.

Bad/worse economic times might be around the corner and what is the salve that always comes to help economies bounce back?

Putting them on a wartime footing.

Consumer spending slows, then govt spending pics up.  It only works so long with consumers because the bill has to be paid and higher taxes are always pushed back on.

Get a credible enemy.  Make it a case of national survival.  Mix in a bit of nationalism spiced with patriotism and you have just what the doctor ordered for corporations, politicians and the elite.

Only the average guy and gal suffers.

Think about it. 

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