Sunday, March 19, 2023

Ukraine War Talk. Why the talk of an offensive?

 Everyone on this blog knows that the major talk is of an upcoming offensive.

My question is why.

From my chair it doesn't make sense.

The losses to the Ukrainian side while not being documented as feverishly as the Russians are still heavy.  Real heavy.  Additionally while the training of Ukrainian forces is zooming along, they're still suffering manpower issues AND experience issues in their operating forces.

A spring offensive seems risky.

Better to wait till late summer, or early fall.  Press hard, win ground (if possible...the Russians get a vote too) and then hold on.

If the assault fails you consolidate your positions and let General Winter do his thing.

Between now and then you build up your forces as much as possible to ensure success.

But they're not doing that.  They're pressing ahead.  Like I said, from my seat its too early.  If they win ground they'll be pushed back and it won't be decisive.

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