Friday, March 31, 2023

'US says China can spy with TikTok. It spies on world with Google'

 via China Daily

United States lawmakers alleged TikTok, a partly Chinese-owned short-video app with more than 150 million users in the US, was spying on Americans during a congressional hearing lasting more than five hours last week. However, they overlooked the fact that the US government itself uses US tech companies, which wield substantial influence over the global internet, to spy on everyone else, according to Erin Hale's recent article US says China can spy with TikTok. It spies on world with Google published on Al Jazeera.

US lawmakers are also contemplating the renewal of powers that compel tech giants such as Google, Meta, and Apple to facilitate unrestricted surveillance on non-US citizens residing abroad.

Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which requires reauthorization by the US Congress before December to prevent expiration under a sunset provision, permits American intelligence agencies to conduct warrantless monitoring of foreigners' email, phone, and other online communications.

Although US citizens are partially shielded from warrantless searches under the Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution, the US government has asserted that non-US citizens abroad are not entitled to these protections. Consequently, agencies such as the NSA, FBI, and CIA have broad authority to intercept their communications without obtaining a warrant.

Moreover, the US government may also disclose collected information to allies like the United Kingdom and Australia.



Someone said outloud what I've been thinking.

We know for a fact (cause Special Forces psyops practically said it themselves), that not only does the military use social media to push its message (whether knowingly or unknowingly), but so does the rest of the US govt.

As far as data collection?

Does anyone really want to lift the veil on all the information that our domestic companies are gathering on each and everyone of us?

Does anyone really want to know how much of that information is gathered by the NSA?

The NSA doesn't have mega warehouses filled with servers and AC for nothing!

I don't know much about the TikTok issues except for the allegations made against it.

Quite honestly I view it more as an effort to condition the public to view Chinese corporations as the enemy and as part of the effort to slow walk getting the American public on a war footing with China.

I could be wrong.

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