Thursday, March 23, 2023

VMM-261 drops cargo in the desert

The caption on this reads how this will allow VMM-261 to operate globally. HQMC is really pushing the meme that although they've turned the entire Marine Corps into a recon/counter recon outfit with little to no offensive capability that somehow it will still be relevant worldwide? Amazing. It also points to the issue of the amphibious ships. How can you justify needing 21 San Antonio class sized ships when you will fill the well decks with everything BUT Marine Combat Vehicles? For once the Navy got it right. Then concept will last at best a decade before its tossed. What will be the next hotness? The realization that the USMC needs to be capable of seizing Chinese islands...both manmade and natural as a means to blind them to our fleets activities. IF!!!!!! If the Rangers don't beat us to that punch, along with the SEALs and even MARSOC.

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