Saturday, March 25, 2023

What happens if the USMC is laser focused on the Pacific & the other services are engaged in conflicts in other parts of the world? What happens to a USMC that sits out fights?

 This is piggybacking off the earlier article that states that the USMC should laser focus on the Pacific.


But what happens if the USMC is totally focused on the Pacific and war never comes but the US Army, US Air Force and US Navy are hookin' and jabbin' in every other clime and place?

What happens to a Marine Corps that has essentially sat out fights that the other services were participating in?

What is the danger of a military service that is incapable of fighting anywhere but in the Pacific?

If nothing else how do you justify not radically downsizing it to the size of the Royal Marines?

On a sidenote it does add a bit of clarity on why the Navy is so willing to let the amphibious fleet dip down to 24 ships.

If you're not sailing worldwide you can't justify 11 big decks along with 10 San Antonio class amphibs!

Berger will lose the fight over amphibs and he will lose the fight for the Corps.

Our Corps days are numbered.

Thanks Berger and your acolytes!

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