Monday, March 20, 2023

Why does the White House almost seem to be in a virtual panic because China and Russia are talking?

 Have you been monitoring the news about the Russia/China talks and how the White House is responding?

From my chair it almost borders on pure panic.

But why?

I don't have a good answer but I'm thinking its the potential that they (Russia and China) could throw everything out of whack and disrupt the "plan".

What do I mean?

It appears obvious that the Pentagon, White House, and Ukraine fanatics would like to deal with Russia first then FINALLY pivot to the China problem.

Which leads me to the next theory.

If I was China's president I would back Russia to the hilt.  I would damn near dare the West to try sanctions and if they did I would retaliate in full.

If I was in his chair I would guess that every leader in the West that supported sanctions would beg for some type of accommodation and Russia could be talked into limited gains.

They'd get Crimea and the two Russia speaking districts(?). Then declare the war over.

Meanwhile the economy of the West is in tatters (the banking issue shows how fragile things are right now) and China can turn to taking Taiwan with the US basically standing alone with NO European support (I think that was a fantasy anyway), serious diplomatic effort along with the threat of Japan can keep S. Korea on the sidelines, and the Australian Air Force and Navy are just too small to really make a difference.

Additionally our war stocks have been eviscerated and if they wait till early next year they'll be damn near expended to keep Ukraine in the fight.

We keep doing the long war thing and it keeps failing horribly.

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