Saturday, May 27, 2023

Alert Contingency Marine Air-Ground Task Force needs to transfer from III MEF over to II MEF

 Note.  Below is an article from that does a little chest thumping about the AC-MAGTF.  Haven't heard a word about it over the course of Berger's term until the Marines were left out of the Sudan operation.  Having said all that the III MEF is NOT where this capability should lie, it should move to II MEF.  

For better or worse (in my opinion worse) III MEF is fully engulfed in the SIF concept and won't be capable of performing the role. III MEF is without a doubt (probably the entire Marine Corps) a one region, one foe force.  Even in the article the AC-MAGTF is regionally aligned and not a worldwide force.


CAMP COURTNEY, Okinawa, Japan --

It is 3:00am on a Sunday morning. III Marine Expeditionary Force receives indications and warnings that a crisis is brewing. The order is given without hesitation, and the Marines and Sailors of the Alert Contingency Marine Air-Ground Task Force are geared up and ready to deploy with a full combat load within just a couple hours.

As a scalable unit, the ACM is always on standby to respond to a variety of mission sets – from humanitarian and disaster relief operations to full-scale combat operations. It is not a conceptual idea or something people just talk about, the ACM is employed routinely through a rigorous training schedule involving no-notice drills and even operational deployments within the region.

“Our ACM force is our most ready force,” said Col. Eric Clark, 4th Marine Regiment Commanding Officer, “and as you talk about the Marine Corps being a force in readiness, those Marines that are rehearsed, that are sourced, and that have mobility on standby to get them out quickly on that key maritime terrain; that's our bid for success within the region, whether you're talking about a humanitarian crisis or you are talking about actions by an adversary.”

Unique to III MEF, Marines across the force are sourced to provide a range of capabilities that can be coordinated and deployed within hours. The ACM allows the MEF to rapidly deploy a mission-specific force throughout the Indo-Pacific region that is responsive to the needs of a given crisis. Some of the capabilities within the ACM can include water purification, shock trauma care, emergency evacuation control, general engineering, airfield/port force protection, and embassy reinforcement.


The Marine Corps is undergoing a culture change with the SIF concept and is rapidly losing its identity.

If Marines are no longer doing amphibious assault, being a force in readiness and capable of fighting on land then what is the Marine Corps?

Why have a Marine Corps.

The delay in naming the next Commandant is for one reason. Berger is trying to shore up his support WITHIN the Marine Corps.  The instant a successor is named is the instant he losing what power he has and all attention turns to the next guy.

Berger is the worst Commandant and worst leader the Marines have had in the big chair in my lifetime.

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