Sunday, May 21, 2023

Bravado is a terrible thing when you're talking war...

I know many are cheering this "diss" but the question was serious, the Russian statement was serious and the response of our President was a joke.

"It is for them".

One liners might be good if you're picking up a brain dead, drunk and drugged out chic at the club.  Might be good if you're fighting a brain dead and drugged out idiot on the street but in international diplomacy especially at a time of war?

By giving the Ukrainians F-16s they now have the capability to strike large swaths of Russian territory.  Add the Storm Shadow to that equation and its easy to see that this thing will get bigger real soon.  Let's rotate back to the question and the President's statement.
"How would you respond to the [claims of Russian Foreign affairs ministry] that supplying F-16s is a colossal risk?" - @POTUS was asked in Hiroshima at the G7 Summit.

"It is for them" he replied.

Naw bro.

You're being led by impassioned fools.  Giving Ukraine F-16s is a risk for us all. 

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