Tuesday, May 30, 2023

China plays by a different set of rules...

I've been kinda mystified by the Russian approach to the war in Ukraine. They're fighting but when they're receiving side blows from the EU/NATO/US they tend to be on the side of restraint.

China isn't going that way.

The US has made all kinds of pronouncements and the Chinese chirp back.

The US makes flights along its coast and the Chinese conduct "unsafe" passes at our aircraft.

The EU sanctions products and they sanction them back.

China is a totally different animal but the surprising thing (if you've been paying attention) is that the US is all but BEGGING them to talk.  To setup an emergency hotline etc...

The Chinese are basically saying fuck that.

I find it frustrating that our military instead of our state dept is taking the lead in dealing with them.  That indicates a war like approach instead of diplomacy.

The SecState should be doing all of the above but he's MIA.

I've said it before and I'll say it again.  Our foreign policy and our approach to foreign policy is broken.  The military CAN NOT lead in this arena.

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