Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Did Turkey's FNSS out Marine Corps the US Marine Corps with their ZAHA Marine Assault Vehicle?

If I have any YAT-YAS boys in the audience I'd love to get their opinion on this!
Luv this vehicle hate that RWS.  They should be able to slim that down tremendously.  I have yet to get an explanation of why its so damn big yet carries such a small gun.  Anyone know?
Let me hit you with a tale of two Marine Corps.

First we have the US Marine Corps.  At the time the undisputed king of amphibious assault.  We pushed for a revolutionary amphibious assault vehicle in the form of the EFV.  While it was getting close to being ironed out as the program was canceled, the high cost killed it forever.

The decision was made earlier that high cost would require an additional vehicle to provide lift for Marines towards the objective because of the high cost of the EFV, we had an aviation Commandant that believed that the MV-22 would take over the role of ship to shore movement and surface assault was a thing of the past.

All that added up to the "surrogate" vehicle becoming the main vehicle.  The Marine Personnel Carrier was rebranded as the Amphibious Combat Vehicle and the rest is history.

The wheeled combat vehicle that could swim from ship to shore became our main ride.  While it was first intended to swim across lakes and rivers, somehow the engineers at BAE developed it to swim in the open ocean.  Still don't know how well it does in various sea states but from my eyes its less capable than the AAV it replaces.  

From my chair sea state 2 is about as good as it gets and crossing the surf line is a challenge as noted by several roll overs in that zone.

Now lets head over to the Turk Marines.

They tasked FNSS to build them a Marine Assault Vehicle and from all appearances they looked at the what the USMC did, the different offerings around the world and decided that instead of reinventing the wheel they would perfect it.

The result?  The ZAHA Marine Assault Vehicle.  It's heritage is obvious to all and if you've watched the vids put out by FNSS then you know its blood line.

My question to you.

Has Turkey's FNSS out Marine Corps the US Marine Corps with their ZAHA Marine Assault Vehicle?

I think they have.

What say you?

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