Friday, May 26, 2023

Jimmy Butler. Standing up for public order on the micro level.



I'm a Miami Heat fan. If you look up and down the roster they have a great team and Jimmy Butler is just pure dee stud.

It was his tenacity that first had me following him.  There is no quit in the guy.  It's 110% all the time.  He's passionate about his work and rejects anyone that isn't putting out 110 too.

If that wasn't enough he said this during a recent interview...
Butler’s journey to loving Country Music started when he attempted to troll his teammates. They were all listening to music in the locker room through their Beats headphones. Normal, right? Wrong.

Instead of listening to music with the headphones on, they’d hang them around their necks so everyone was forced to hear the music. Sadly, this is all too common during a subway commute. (SNAFU NOTE!  He asked them to put their headphones on and they refused saying that he should listen to what he listens to and let them listen to what they listen to)

So Jimmy Butler went home and Googled ‘what is the most Country song?’ What he found was Tim McGraw’s Don’t Take The Girl so he queued it up and started playing it in the locker room to make a point. What he also found was he actually really enjoyed Country Music and the rest was history.

The love of country music is a sideshow to me.

The MAIN THING is that this guying is standing up for public order.

Maybe its on a micro level but he's still standing up for it which is rare especially for a star basketball player and even more impressive is that this stance will probably damage him with his core demographic that will fuel his ad revenue.

Impressive in my mind.  This is what no fucks to give looks like. 

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