Monday, May 22, 2023

Ukrainian Special Ops reported to have attacked Belgorod border guards


Interesting. I've beat around the bush on this subject but the warhawks have been incapable of following the bouncing ball.

Ukraine has conducted a number of crossborder attacks.

What happens when they hit a target that actually hurts?  What happens when an attack can't be ignored by the Russian leadership (I contend we've already reached that point but Putin has proved me wrong)?

I contend that this can escalate to a war of survival.

If I'm right and battlefield nukes come into play then how does NATO respond?

Would NATO declare war if a nuke were used on Kyiv?  Would the world risk nuclear retaliation?

If a nuke were used and say Poland were to rush in and annex Kyiv would they still be covered by NATO?  Would NATO protection extend if they were to begin launching air/ground/sea attacks against Russian forces inside Ukraine?  What about forces inside Russia?

Weapons are being given freely to Ukraine.  My only ask is that a BIG leash be put on the Ukrainians as far as their use.

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